The Issue with Boundaries

A boundary is created when a landowner divides his land in order to sell the divided part off. There is no Legal requirement for a vendor to consult a Government agency when deciding along what line to divide his or her land prior to selling part of it and, indeed, there is no Government agency to turn to for such advice.

Unfortunately, the deed plan that accompanies division of a vendor’s land is nearly always insufficiently accurate to allow for an exact determination of the boundary’s position, and may be based upon out-of-date information as to what is on the ground. The words in the parcels clause of the deed also always neglect to mention how the boundary is physically marked upon the ground. As a result issues in boundary positions can easily arise.

Boundaries can move over the years, possibly accidentally without being picked up until someone delves deeper into what was originally depicted/agreed!


Why Instruct PA Surveyors?

At PA Surveyors we take into consideration a vast array of information to fully assess the boundary position. A measured site survey as well as a desk top exercise must both take place – with Land Registry plans being fully reviewed. We are qualified and experienced to properly review these details.

We have the ability and willingness to thoroughly analyse the site in question, as well as the neighbouring land being reviewed. Furthermore we can interpret maps and land features correctly.

All this allows us to provide sound judgement on the boundary position. Following such judgement, we are able to prepare any new Title and Lease Plans that can be lodged at Land Registry.

PA Surveyors can also assist within any neighbour disputes regarding boundary positions. As everyone can appreciate, such problems are best avoided by diplomatic discussion as soon as the problem or potential problem is discovered. Most importantly, the landowner perceiving the problem must ensure that he/she gets their facts right.

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