What is a Walk Around Survey?

The Walk Around Survey will involve the Building Survey inspection and thereafter a detailed meeting will take place at the property.

We will go around externally and internally (room by room) to give advice on any issues, defects and works required. At the same time, we can discuss alterations that you are proposing e.g. a loft conversion, side/rear extension, wall removals etc. The design, feasibility, costs and so on can be discussed and visualised at the property.

At the end of the meeting you will have the opportunity to request any particular concerns be written up. For example, one aspect regarding dampness could be detailed, alternatively, an overiew of the significant defects can be given. This will be implemented as a separate add-on exercise – a written Report can be prepared on that particular aspect, depending on your preferences.

We always try to accommodate the meeting to your availability, with it possibly taking place during a lunch break. Alternatively, an office meeting or detailed phone call can be arranged.


Would a Walk Around Survey be Suitable for Me?

We have been getting great feedback from this form of Reporting. You, the Buyer, get to re-visit the property and also visualise the various aspects that the Chartered Surveyor brings up. Reading a 50 page Report might not be what you are after, or how your mind works!

You might also not want to know about everything within the property e.g. internal finishes, bathroom/kitchen, boundaries, etc. You could be planning a full refurbishment exercise where generally most aspects will be replaced in any event and therefore not need to be gone into much detail. The Walk Around Survey would be perfect for you here.

Following the survey/meeting, any written Report can be focussed on that area being of concern. The Walk Around Survey would certainly be useful in making your decision whether or not to buy. It is also much cheaper than the full written Report exercise whilst also providing a breadth of information.


Why Instruct PA Surveyors?

Our Chartered Surveyors will aim to provide the information in plain terms, as well as provide indication on the urgency of any works. Furthermore, the character and age of the building will be taken into consideration within the advices to help you gauge the magnitude of any issues.

We will always send you the various photographs taken during the survey – we usually take about 200 images to illustrate our findings. These will be sent as a digital copy so you can flick through and relay everything that was discussed.

We are also only a phone call/email away should you or a partner want to go over anything, or ask further questions.

More importantly, our Chartered Surveyors are professionals but also friendly individuals that you can come to at any stage.

Our RICS Chartered Surveyors operate throughout East & West Sussex; to include Brighton, Hove, Portslade & Shoreham, as well as Crawley, Haywards Heath, Eastbourne and beyond! 

Please contact us to obtain further free advice and a no obligation quotation.