What is a Land Registry Lease & Title Plan and why do I need one?

On October 13th 2003 new Laws were implemented which meant that all new leases granted for terms over 7 years or existing leases sold or assigned with 7 years to run must now be registered with Land Registry. Part of the lease application requires a land registry compliant lease plan to be produced and submitted.

A lease plan is a drawing that identifies the extent of the leasehold demise within a property or area of land. When a transaction is registered with the Land Registry a lease plan drawing is required.

It is very important that the plan that is submitted is undertaken correctly as errors can cause delays and increase costs. Rejected plans will need to be resubmitted with amended plans and may require re-execution by all parties involved. PA Surveyors ensure that all plans will meet the correct standards.

Time and money can quickly run away when issues with lease plans arise. Solicitor fees and submission time frames can be very costly.

Some of the situations where a Land Registry Compliant Lease plan will be required are:-

  • If the demise of the property changes, for instance floor layout alterations, extensions, etc. A new plan is needed to correctly show the demised premises. Approval with the Freeholder might also be required and we are happy to provide input here (whether for the Leaseholder or the Freeholder).
  • If the existing plan is not acceptable or up to current standards. Unfortunately most older leases have poor lease plans e.g do not adequately illustrate what is privately demised, do not show the rights of way, are not to scale, etc. A new plan is therefore needed to properly illustrate matters.
  • There are errors in the existing plan that require rectifying.
  • It is the first time a leasehold property is registered.
  • When a lease has been extended and/or altered.


Other Types of Plans e.g. Land Transfers & Altering Boundaries

There are other forms of plans that are prepared for Land Registry, for example:-

  • Buying land from someone.
  • Adding land to your existing Estate or Title.
  • Selling land.
  • Buying a garage or outbuilding.
  • Alerting the right of way over your land.
  • Changing the boundary line.
  • Including additional rights over your land.
  • Any other land changes.

It is important to correctly illustrate, agree and register any changes. This will ensure there are no issues down the line, for example when you come to sell.


Why Instruct PA Surveyors?

Using inaccurate, incorrect or vague plans can potentially lead to lengthy, resource-draining disputes, so it pays to trust the experts at PA Surveyors.

We fully analyse the requirements of each plan to ensure it accurately reflects the real situation. All our plans are fully annotated. During the site visit we assess where and how the rights of way will work, as well as raise and resolve any boundary queries.

PA Surveyors work closely with Land Owners, Commercial Enterprises and Solicitors to make sure everyone is kept up to date and is satisfied with the plan. We work to both Land Registry guidelines and RICS codes of measurement practice guidance notes.

At PA Surveyors, we will happily put in the extra hours to help ensure a deadline is met – sometimes the requirement for a new plan is raised at the final hour, it is our ambition to ensure this does not case any undue delay. The new Land Registry compliant plan will be issued efficiently for registration.

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